Overwhelmed and Not Sure What to Do?

This is Your Grief Survival Workshop.

The First Year of Grief. How to Survive with Hope and Heal.

Your search for “What do I do now?” is over!


In the first moments and year after your loved one dies; the world is upside down! This workshop is like a compass, so you’ll never question which way is up!


I’ll walk you through the 4 most important actions to take right now after your loved one has died to help you deal with and heal from the loss.

➡️ What has just happened is surreal and your world can feel upside down.

Getting through the day is hard enough but knowing where to find help for what you are going through shouldn’t add to the overwhelm.

➡️ Don’t be frustrated searching for help and still not knowing what to do.

Mindless internet searches and those quotes on loss (that make you nod in agreement) may provide momentary relief, but don’t you want true healing?

➡️ You just want to stay in the bed, but time alone will not heal all wounds.

What you do with the time is what will determine your destination. Don’t suffer alone – and don’t spend endless hours looking for the right support – it’s all right here.

➡️ Know the role you play in your healing process.

Discover the most important actions to take in the confusing first days, weeks, and months of grief when the world has flipped. Know which side is up, be less overwhelmed and discover the actions you need to take toward true healing.

Imagine If…

destructive actions

I feel like Stef is just the friend I need during this terrible season of grief.


I’ve been given lists, books, websites and videos to help with my grief, but none pointed me to God. I recommend this as the first thing you do after the funeral – it’s the only thing that has made sense and gave me comfort.



I felt like I was resting into the most comfortable easy chair when I heard Stef’s voice and the truth and transparency in her words.


Everyone needs to get this workshop first – finally something that’s helped.



The power isn’t in religion – it’s in relationship.

In grief you may find it hard to draw close to God.

Discover your identity in Christ and find your footing by building your relationship with God.

Allow Him to cover you with peace and build dependency on Him as He builds strength in you to handle the hard days and dark nights.

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. Jeremiah 29:11


Grief will affect you physically, spiritually, and emotionally in ways you never imagined.

The pain is beyond what you knew existed. There will be days you feel crazy and nights that overwhelm you with the darkness of your thoughts.

Learn what is normal, what to expect and how to balance the work of grief with permission to be kind to yourself.

You have kept count of my tossing; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book? This I know, that God is for me. In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid. Psalm 56: 8-11


The daily grind is where the battles are won.  A new day comes even when you don’t want it to, and the pain and confusion make you feel like you’re back at the beginning…yet again. 

Learn how to deal with the people who say unhelpful or hurtful things; how to successfully go to the grocery store or back to church; how to handle the frustration of how long it takes and more!

Blessed are those that mourn for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4


There are many choices for grief support both in-person and online but not in alignment with your Christian values. 

Discover the faith-based support that is best for you – for your personality and for your lifestyle. 

Know where to go within your community or online to connect with other Christian women who are also learning to live without their loved ones.  

Learn what to look for in the groups, counseling, and coaching options to find the safest and best fit for you. 

Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24

Start Your Healing Today!

Be empowered, not overwhelmed!
Everything else is confusing right now – this won’t be!


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If you feel broken and need purpose birthed in your life – stop wishing or hoping to get better.

Take God-focused action!

Hey Fellow Traveler!

I know what it’s like to watch someone you love die; to sit in a corner and scream, to be angry with God and to hurt so bad you can’t even describe it.

I’ve experienced the kind of loss that takes your breath away.  I have fought the endless tears and felt like a failure when I couldn’t ‘hold it together’ in church or as I ran out of the grocery store.

There is hope and help!  You can heal and get to the point that you are ready to create a life for yourself.  If that sounds far away or even impossible, you are in the right place.

God gave me the heart and passion to help you walk through your hardest moments.  You need to know there is life on the other side of grief.  Maybe you can’t even breathe right now and the thought of laughing or being happy again seems unrealistic.

So many changes are occurring in your body – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Your world has been turned upside down, but you can survive – and even thrive.  You will breathe, laugh and live again.

You won’t be confused about what to do or where to turn.  You won’t ever get over grief, but it is possible to get to “a great day.”

The Healing You Want is Real and Within Your Reach

This is where you start!

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  • Faith-based action for your healing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this workshop work?

A:  It is a self-paced online workshop and over 2 hours in length.  You will create an account and have immediate access.  Watch it all at once or one section at a time.  Healing takes time, so we recommend one section at a time to fully absorb and act on the information.

Q: Why do I need this workshop?

A: It will make you feel less crazy, offer practical (not theoretical) help for your good and bad days.  You will know, without confusion, the most important actions to take for healing.  You will also learn to avoid the most destructive ways of dealing with grief.   This workshop provides a God-focused compass directing your next best healing step.   

Q: How do I know this will help?

A:  I’ve been where you are.  I was lost and cried every day.  I didn’t know where in the community or online to turn.  I didn’t think I would survive, and I was sure I’d never be happy again.  But God.  He turned my confusion and frustration of searching for help into “community grief support” as the focus for a master’s degree in public health.   

Q: Will this help me get over grief?

A:  With the best resources and support in the world, you will never “get over” your loss.  You have just suffered a tremendous loss and that loss doesn’t ever go away, but you can learn to carry it differently, rebuild and get to the place of having a “great day” and a great life (believe it or not). This workshop guides you to the most important first actions to take right now.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A:  Yes, my desire is to support you as you walk out the hardest journey of your life.  If this workshop does not provide helpful actions toward healing, email a refund request.  In the request, please share the actions you took and briefly explain why they did not help.