90.0 Best Laid Plans Gone Awry. 2 Important Reminders to Deal with Grief.


A break from the normal episode as I provide a little comic relief today and share our perfectly planned anniversary trip.  As you well know – all the planning in the world doesn’t guarantee that things turn perfect or even like you want.  I don’t say this as a downer, but in this world, perfect is unattainable.

Because God has called me to do this grief work, I tend to relate most things to going through grief.  And, to the hope God gives even in the worst moments of life.

As I share our trip, I’m also going to share two important points to help you as you are walking through grief.

WORD of the week

The heart of a man plans his ways, by the Lord establishes his steps.  Proverbs 16:9

Song of the Week   Do it Again by Anthony Evans

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