83.0 Mind Won’t Stop Racing? How to Quiet Your Thoughts in Grief.


Nights are the worst when your mind won’t stop racing!  Your thoughts, which were once your own, seem to take you over.  But, it’s not just thoughts at that point, it’s anxiety and fear and the darkness of night which amplifies those feelings.

You’ve tried a million times to turn it off – to shut the loop down but nothing seems to work.  You might have even tried meditating on the scripture and still nothing.

Today, I’ll share why what you’re wanting (the racing thoughts to stop and for sleep to come or getting through the day better or building a relationship with God) seems to elude you in grief.  And, more importantly, I’ll talk about how to turn that ship around and point it toward progress.


WORD of the week    Be Still and Know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Song of the Week  Be Still by Hillsong Worship


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