41.0 The Faith Resume. How to Build Trust in God’s Character.


The reason the podcast is called grief to great day is because even though getting from the depths of grief to having a great day isn’t quick or easy or anything like you thought, it is POSSIBLE. 


And as you walk through grief and then become ready to build another life and discover new purpose, how do go about figuring out what that looks like?  How do you put your hands to the work you are created to do?


The first few ‘Purpose After Loss’ episodes are going to be about building a foundation from which to create a meaningful life.  So, even if you are in the beginning days and weeks of your loss, this will be helpful to you. 


When life is the hardest (in grief and even after) you must be grounded in your faith; you have to be sure that God will fulfill His promises regardless of how it looks and how it feels.


In this episode, I’ll share how to create a Faith Resume. This is a personal tool to return to and read – to go back and remind yourself of the goodness of God in YOUR life. 


You should add to your faith resume as time goes on because hard times will come again, and it becomes easy to forget what God HAS done as we hurt and focus on what God hasn’t done.


WORD of the Week  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13.

Song for 2022   Overcomer by Mandisa


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