22.0 What is Wrong with Me? Making Sense of the Feelings of Grief. Guest Veleria Holloway



When you go through grief everything seems upside down and trying to make sense of the feelings of grief is no easy task. 

On today’s episode, Veleria Holloway, Chaplain at an Inpatient Hospice House and Christian Counselor shares so much wisdom!  She wants to make sure that you:

  • Feel what you feel without apology
  • Don’t put yourself on a timeline for healing
  • Seek connection & support always and counseling/coaching when needed
  • Understand the types of people (Avoiders, Advisers, Advocates) that will come across your path while grieving
  • Understand what a trigger is and how to best handle it
  • Bring meaning to the life of your loved one

I certainly hope she’ll come back on to go more deeply into each of these important and helpful topics. 

Verse – Rejoice with those who rejoice and Weep with Those Who Weep.

Romans 12:5

Songs – Weep with Me by Rend Collective


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