169.0 Coffee & Kathy: A Weekly Quiet Time with God to Build Trust. ‘A Story of the Kingdom’



Well, Hey Framily! Welcome to Coffee & Kathy, this is Stef from the Grief 2 Great Day Podcast.  You are listening to our weekly devotional episode.

Grief is the hardest thing you’ll ever face, don’t ever let anyone diminish that – but let’s also not diminish the power of God’s Word and the transformational healing He will do in your life. I am a living testimony of going from pitiful (heartbroken, years of tears, angry at God & the world, overwhelmed and confused) to powerful (at peace, joyful and strong in my trust, hope and faith in God).  

You are not alone and your today does not have to be your forever!  Oh, I’m so glad you’re here today!  What you need to do now is be still and just listen.


Memorable Quote:

Others would quickly throw up their hands and take a seat in a corner, rocking back and forth, moaning about the problem to all who would listen. They would even go so far as to say, “Well, obviously the King has forgotten about me. After all, He is so busy with His whole Kingdom and I am just a little steward. No one cares – and especially not the King! After all, if He cared about me, I wouldn’t have problems to overcome.” What they forgot was that the King was all wise. He knew his enemy and had control over what problems He allowed the enemy to cause.  

Because, you see, the King had a deeper and wiser plan than the enemy. He knew that each problem the enemy caused could be a precious lesson for the steward, a way to help his or her corner of the Kingdom thrive. And He had already promised that to the stewards – “Whatever the enemy intends for evil, I will work together for good for you because you are a steward of my Kingdom. And even the problems you bring on yourself – even those, I will bring something beautiful from, if you will let me.”


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