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Well, Hey Framily!  Welcome to Coffee & Kathy, this is Stef from the Grief 2 Great Day Podcast.  You are listening to our weekly devotional episode.

Grief is the hardest thing you’ll ever face, don’t ever let anyone diminish that – but let’s also not diminish the power of God’s Word and the transformational healing He will do in your life. I am a living testimony of going from pitiful (heartbroken, years of tears, angry at God & the world, overwhelmed and confused) to powerful (at peace, joyful and strong in my trust, hope and faith in God).  

You are not alone and your today does not have to be your forever!  Oh, I’m so glad you’re here today!  What you need to do now is be still and just listen.


Memorable Quote:

But I am nothing without my Conductor.

He is the glue that holds my life together, bringing just the right music at the right time, the right dance partners at the right place.

He sets the pace.  Six days of work and one of rest.

He brings in the instruments to make beautiful music; sometimes in a minor key; often in lilting, joyful tones; always the right music at the right time. 

But without Him keeping the rhythm of my life, it would all fall apart.

Paul said it this way: “In Him, we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17)


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