117.0 It’ll Never Change! How to Know You’re Making Progress in Grief.



This week, I’ll be answering a question that I receive a lot.  It’s actually a question I had, and it was the fear I had. Because grief was so painful and made me question everything, I was convinced that life would never be good again, that it would be painful, sad, and hopeless.

Because grief is so overwhelming, it’s easy to feel this way.  And when things don’t change day after day and month after month, we start worrying that grief has become our new reality.

I’ll share how to know if you are making progress, how to know if you are stuck and need help.  I’ll share some things that will prolong your grief walk and share what will bring hope and healing.


WORD of the Week   Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

Song of the Week  God Help Me by Unspoken   


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