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We read the Bible verse that God will make all things come together for our good. Well, how in the world is what you are going through good?  How can it ever be good?  This is where I struggled in the beginning.  I read about a Christian singer who lost her husband in a diving accident. I could so relate with the pain and confusion and then she shared how she had to trust in God and was given hope.

She, like Monica while she was sick, had a hope I couldn’t rely on.  I had moments of hope but not an underlying confidence in God. I thought that all the success stories – all the giants in the faith were blessed and loved by God in a way that I would never understand.  But I held on to those stories and replayed what they did when they were hurting.  After over a year of fighting it out with God – and those were some tough days – my heart softened, and I began to trust God.  I went back to those stories and started to believe that God is no respecter of persons – that if he did it for them – He would do it for me.

Do you believe that yet?  Boy, when you get a hold of that kind of confidence aka trust in God and HIS plan, then you’ll see progress.  Grief is the hardest thing you’ll ever walk through but on the other side you’ll be able to say – God will make all things come together for my good. Today I’m talking about one way to build that very needed hope!


WORD of the Week  “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Song of the Week  My Prayer for You – Alisa Turner


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