113.0 What Does Going After God Mean? 3 Practical Ways to Draw Closer to God in Heartbreak.



How many times have you prayed for this pain to stop?  And yet the tears keep falling. 

How many times have you prayed for help getting through another difficult hour or day?  And the mornings – are still overwhelming.

Are your prayers being heard?  Nothing seems to change; nothing seems to be getting better – and you start to wonder- does God even care?

Today we’ll talk about what ‘going after God’ means and what you can expect if you do!


WORD of the Week  But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.  Luke 5:15   When Jesus was on earth an in human form, he also needed to pray and to have time alone to be with His father.  How much more do we need this.

Song of the Week  Holy Forever by CeCe Winans


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